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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Australian Chic Lady Thinks to Hat-Trick in GCT 2013

Australian Chic Lady Thinks to Hat-Trick in GCT 2013

Edwina: Learn from mistakes and never give up

Edwina: I and Jan are on the same path and together we are successful

GoldenHorse News Tour: Edwina Alexander (born 29 March 1974 in Sydney) is an Olympic-level equestrian rider, who competes for Australia. Her coach and husband is former Dutch champion Jan Tops.

Early Riding:

Alexander began riding at the age of eight. She became interested in horses because her neighbor had a barn. The Avondale Pony Club in North Turramurra, New South Wales was where she first began riding. In 1995 she won the Australian Young Rider Championships. In 1998, wanting to ride against the top riders in the world, she moved to Belgium. In 1999, she competed for Ludo Philippaerts, a famous show jumper, for about three years.

Personal Life:

Edwina attended Pymble Ladies College, in Sydney. She got a Bachelor of Physical Education at the Australian College of Physical Education in 1995. In September 2011 she married Jan Tops who was also her trainer. Out of all her shows she only had one major injury in 2005 where she was not riding for three weeks due to a broken foot.


In 2006 in Aachen Germany, she became the first Australian to make the final of the individual jumping competition at the World Equestrian Games, where she finished fourth despite entering the competition as 35th in world show jumping rankings. Brussels, Valkenswaard, London, Zurich, Cannes, Geneva, Vigo, and Doha are just few of the places where Edwina has won Grand Prix shows. She was selected for the jumping events at the 2008 Summer Olympics where she rode Isovlas Itot du Chateau. She placed 9th in the individuals and 7th in the team competition. She was the overall champion of the Global Champions Tour in both 2011 and 2012. Not only did she win twice in a row but she was the very first rider to win a total of one million Euros of prize money on the tour. Also in 2012, at the age of 38, she rode in the individual show jumping for Australia at the Summer Olympics. She rode 'Itot Du Chateau' and finished in a time of 81.77s with 4 faults. This put her in 20th place for the individual competition and for them team competition Australia was 10th.

Honors and Championships:

Since her first big win at the CSI 5* Grand Prix in Valkenswaard in 2005, Edwina has continued to climb from success to success, coming 4th at the World Championships in Aachen (2006) and winning the Grand Prix in Brussels, Zürich and London in 2008. In 2009 she won the World Championships in Vigo and the CSI5* Global Champions Tour Grand Prix in Valkenswaard, as well as in 2010 and 2011 at Cannes. 2011 was also a fantastic year for the Australian rider, with a win Global Champions Tour CSI5* Grand Prix in Chantilly as well as the final in Abu Dhabi.


The well-known designer label, Gucci, sponsors Edwina Tops Alexander and they even made her a customized set of clothes for riding. Also, Connolly's RED MILLS is proud to say that Edwina Tops Alexander has a partnership with them. All her horses will be fed by this company for each of their individual needs. Edwina is also an ambassador for Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Swiss watch company.

Frida Giannini, Gucci Creative Director, is special designer of Edwina’s riding clothing and equipments.

This year Gucci celebrates its 90th anniversary and shows a collection of fashionable riding wardrobe and equipment.

Gucci as one of the best and most respected brands in the world is special designer of Edwina’s riding clothing and equipments.

Frida Giannini, has created technically clever and luxurious riding wardrobe for the chic Australian sportswoman, who made her Gucci debut in Doha, Qatar, for the first leg of the 2011 Global Champions Tour.

 Just before the event Edwina spoke of her delight at the partnership: “I am really happy and honored to be associated with Gucci. The GCT is about prestige that goes with it and I believe this perfectly compliment Gucci.

When people think of the essence of the lifestyle that goes with equestrian sport, it is about beautiful leather goods, classic clothing, luxury and an international feel. It meshes together so well.

And, of course, I love to wear Gucci. Gucci is about excellence and that is what I have always strived for and Frida Giannini has designed a truly beautiful riding wardrobe and I am very grateful for her support.”

Frida, herself a horse rider, has designed Edwina’s clothing and horse saddle and also her other riding equipment with an exclusive style. The Gucci show off over the horse’s crest and Edwina’s black coat. A delicate stripe is used on the pockets and horse saddle with green-red-green colors. Frida has designed a glamorous appearance for Edwina and her horse and has introduced the Gucci to the world.

Edwina and her husband have more planning to do. Jan Tops is GCT founder and Olympic show jumping gold medalist.

She says: “We are getting married in September in Monaco and I am very excited about it and looking forward to it so much.”

Asked about the moment Jan proposed Edwina smiles and Says: “we were in Monaco at the time, it was private and yes romantic.”

She says about Jan: “he is really positive person who gives people a lot of confidence. He is a real inspiration, if he does something he will do it the best he can or he prefers not to do it at all and that is the way he approaches everything in life.

“We are on the same path and that is why it goes so well with us. You know a lot of people in relationships where you are working and living together just don’t survive that, but it works for us because we are so on the same wavelength.”

Jan’s brilliance at matching horses to riders has proved to be a magical formula for Edwina and finally given her the rides to match her undoubted show jumping talent.

But it has been a tough battle to get to this high point on the world stage.

As a child growing up on the outskirts of Sydney she always loved horses and would do any chore to earn a ride on one of her neighbor’s horses and ponies. She remembered how she would collect golf balls at a local course to earn extra pocket money for her horses. As a fearless rider even then, enjoyed some early success on a veteran pony called Brandy.

She explained: “My parents were prepared to buy me some nice horses but we got very badly advised. I was just not getting any results, I would fall off, but I just kept going and I kept going. I wanted to stop at one point but I was too afraid to tell my parents because they were so totally behind me.”

“I was so young and in turmoil. But I just knew that it was my passion and that was the sport for me and I wanted success. I had put so much into it from an early age. But after a show in Sydney when I had this beautiful Palomino which stopped at every single jump I said to my mum, “that’s it, I can’t continue.’”

Fortunately, her parents recruited a new trainer, bought new horses and their 18-year old daughter began winning and triumphed in the Australian Young Rider Championships with a five- year- old horse.

After a private school education Edwina graduated from university with a Bachelor of Physical Education. She initially worked as a fitness trainer spending long hours at the gym and also riding her horses in the remaining hours of the day. She says: “I was fanatical about keeping busy; I was so fit and full of energy.”

But she knew that if her career was to really ignite, she had to go to the Europe. “At least I would if it didn’t work I had tried,” she says now.

Edwina believe that the Europe was an eye opener and introduced a new world to her. “I was immersed in the culture and history of Europe and took photographic everywhere I went, like Crocodile Dundee in America.”

Edwina first met Jan in 1998, but it was not until 2002 that they became close. Three years later he shrewdly introduced her to a horse called Pialotta and success soon followed.

She says: “I was a bit surprised as she was one of the best horses in the world. Then I thought Jan must think I am a bad rider, but so I thought Jan know I can ride any horse. I was never afraid. I felt pretty good about this horse and I've trained with him and this day she is one of the best horses in show jumper.”

Since Pialotta, Itot, and Socrates are the best her horses. Her motto is: Learn from mistakes and never give up.

Jan Tops, her coach and husband has had the greatest influence on her career.

This year she competes in GCT event from Madrid to Doha. She is very excited for these competitions in GCT 2013. She says: “our sport deserves the best things and GCT is a sample of one of the best.”

To this time, Edwina has competed in Madrid, Hamburg and Wiesbaden, and she is as 7th in show jumping ranking, with 62 points and 59.850 Euro Prize Money.

Repeated Third Championship in GCT is the biggest goal in 2013 for Edwina. This will be the first time that a lady rider in jumping to a hat-trick in the global championships tour and this record will probably never be repeated in years to come.

Her presence and also his wonderful riding style in GCT 2013 is notable for every one watching these champions.

It ispredictable that Edwina Alexander and Jan Tops marriage and getting together will be the beginning of another approach from these two champions in the world show jumping.


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Post by: Nasrin Mojaver Soofi/ GoldenHorse News

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